Is my blower defective?

Refer to our online Blower Troubleshooting Guide to determine the issue.

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I just installed a new blower on my newly built pool and the blower shuts off in less than 5 minutes. What’s happening?

Check installation guide for sizing blower. The number of water jets should match the size of the blower – not enough jets will cause blower to overheat.
Check to see that the water jets are assembled correctly and that all the jets are in the open position.
Make sure the check valve is in the correct orientation (the arrow on check valve should be pointing away from blower).
Run the blower only with the water pump off. If the blower runs for 30 minutes or more, then the blower is functioning correctly. At this point, it could be that the water pump is forcing water back into the air line. Try increasing the openings (larger eyeballs) on the water jets to reduce the water pressure.

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I drilled a quarter inch hole in the PVC pipe below my blower and when I run my water pump, water comes out of the hole even though it is well above water level. What should I do?

You have too much back pressure from the water pump which forces water back into the air line.

Check your water jets to make sure they are all open.
 If you recently changed your water pump with a higher horsepower water pump, it may be too big for your system, causing water to back up into the air line. Try putting in larger eyeballs in the water jets to reduce pressure.

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I just purchased my blower and it ran for 30 seconds before shutting off. I waited for more than an hour and it still does not work. What should I do?

If your new blower is rated for 120 volt and you connected to a 240 volt circuit, then you have blown the internal one time fuse. You must return the blower to air supply to have the fuse replaced.

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